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What is the difference between Premier 1 and Premier 2 soccer?

Bonivital Soccer Club hosts both Premier 1 and Premier 2 competitive teams for players between the age of 13 and 17.


Prior to the season kickoff, BVSC holds evaluations and will choose the top available 16 to 18 players who will form the Premier 1 team. Depending on the remaining number of interested and qualified players available, the Club will form a Premier 2 team. Once formed, these teams will compete against other Premier 1 and Premier 2 teams within Manitoba.



I don’t live in the BVSC District, can I still register to try out and/or play?

Yes, Manitoba Soccer and Winnipeg Youth Soccer League have removed the District Boundaries early 2020. This means players are free to play with the Club of their choice



What facilities do we play at?


Memorial Turf Field
Waverly Soccer Complex
Shaughnessy Soccer Complex
Various other Locations – Click HERE for full listing


WSF North
WSF South
University of Winnipeg

What is the time commitment with a BVSC Premier Team?

Minimum 3 practices a week, with one game per week


MSA CUP TEAMS – U15 and U17 Male and Female Teams

MSA Cup teams will practice at a minimum 1-2 times extra per week over and above their allocated team practice



What are the Club costs to play on a Premier team?

What does the one season schedule like?