Preferred Training Model

The new Preferred Training Model is designed to completely revamp the way we train our players in the golden years of learning at the Learn to Train stage between 8 and 12. The model incorporates all facets of the game and is designed to affect the four corners of development with soccer movement and physical coordination at its core, with elements of technical development in the technique and skills station and tactical development in the small sided games area.


The beauty of the Preferred Training model is it simplicity and various variations exist across top soccer nations, what we have tried to find is a solution to training Canada’s youngsters in a model friendly for experienced or novice coaches or combination thereof.


With 4 well designed stations and a National Curriculum, the Preferred Training Model could accommodate up to 4 training squads at a time and a Master Coach could oversee the entire concept involving parent and volunteer coaches or licensed developing assistant coaches at each station.


It is designed to let a practice flow and take the guess work and preparation planning out of it for the busy volunteers already struggling to make practices work in their everyday lives and help their children enjoy and develop at the same time. At just 10-20 minutes per station depending on the age group players will be constantly challenged around general themes of key core components and techniques of the game and will have a varied up tempo practise each and every week using the Preferred Training Model. It is our hope the coaches, players and all stakeholders in the game will benefit from its simple easy flow structure and will leave a long lasting legacy in Canada on developing young talent.

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