Bonivital Soccer Club is continung the All Abilities Soccer Program into the summer! The All Abilities Soccer Program will look to provide youth (ages 9-17) and Adults (18+) with intellectual and/or physical disabilities an opportunity to learn and play soccer. The program will be fully inclusive, designed and adapted for athletes with any disability.


Every athlete deserves a chance to build lasting friendships, make memories and feel like they belong.  The All Abilities team strives for an inclusive environment where all athletes and youth are given their opportunity to shine.


Whether an athlete uses a wheelchair, walker, wears orthotics, or lives with an intellectual, communication (ASD) or developmental disability, we provide support and welcome all on the field. The emphasis of this program is on development and meaningful participation rather than on competition. 

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Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jason or Jodine:

Jason: or by phone 204 228 9674

Jodine: or by phone 204 296 5929