Video Analysis

The use of video analysis has become a cornerstone of development for players here at Bonivital Soccer Club. It is a crucial aid to advancing players' understanding and development when it comes to looking at their individual game and how we play as a team. To be able to look back and study the positives along with learning moments, we are able to grow to our full potential on and off the field. Here at BVSC, we have two VEO cameras used for our premier age groups. VEO is an AI based software that follows the ball during the game. The application also allows you to make your own highlights and create clips for the future. It produces stunning quality and consistency when it comes to breaking down goals, free kicks, corners etc. We use video analysis to create homework for the players to study on their own so they can create their own individual reflections on how they played. Another way we use VEO cameras is for coaching education. We are able to record and upload sessions so that coaches can learn from the club, but also progress through their licensing diplomas. 

VEO Analytics

At BVSC, we also use VEO Analytics to further break down statistical areas such as possession, shots on net, tackles, assists, etc. This allows coaches and players to further breakdown how we played together on the field. It offers coaches a tool to reflect on principles of play and system, strategy, tactics and skill sets that worked during that day. VEO Analytics can track our teams progress throughout the year to see how much progression we made in certain areas. 

Major Sports Analysis 

We also work with Major Sports Analysis. We upload the matches to their server or they can get from a third part company like our VEO cloud. They use AI as well as a human based approach to eliminate margins of error and really track areas we are looking for. A full match report is provided along with areas moments occured with video clips. This can include shots on net, turnover, tackles and be player specific. This is especially key when building towards our cup years or pre-major competition.