BVSC Alumni and Hall of Fame

Bonivital has a great history of success with it's teams, players and coaches locally, and nationally. We are so proud of everyone that comes through our club and we look to highlight some of our club successes! 

Bonivital Soccer Club is one of the largest soccer clubs in the City of Winnipeg. The Club, formerly known as the St. Boniface-St. Vital Soccer Association, was formed in 1979 to provide multi-level participation and development to the youth of the south-east communities of Winnipeg. We now serve the whole of Winnipeg as a cradle to grave soccer entity.

The Manitoba Soccer Association hosts their annual MSA Cup competition which originated in 1980's, where Bonivital has performed extremely well. Bonivital as a club has gone on to win 80 MSA Cup titles! The winner of the MSA Cup goes on to represent the province at CSA Nationals.

- For youth girls, BVSC has amassed a total of 31 MSA Cup titles since the tournament's inception.
- For youth boys, BVSC has amassed a total of 33 MSA Cup titles since the tournament's inception.
- For senior women, BVSC has amassed a total of 16 MSA Cup titles since the tournament's inception. 

The Canadian Soccer Association considers the Club one of the most successful soccer clubs in Canada. As of 2008, Bonivital was the number four ranked Club nationally. Rankings are achieved by the number of appearances at the annual National Club Championships and the results achieved during competition. Bonivital Soccer Club has medaled twice for Gold (1991 and 2017), three times for silver (2006, 2007 and 2016), and three times for Bronze (2008, 2016, and 2017). We strive to create great players on and off the field. 

Within our Club structure, programs offered encompass Premier, Developmental, Futsal, All Abilities, Recreational, and Mini's. We look to provide our players with opportunities to give back to the community through club wide initiatives, and team building activities. We serve over 1500 members (year-round) and continue to be one of the fastest growing clubs here in Manitoba. Graduating players from BVSC have gone on to play for provincial and national teams, professional clubs/academies and post-secondary institutions. (USports, CCAA, NCAA)

team success

MSA Champions              National's Finish

U17Boys                                   9th        

U17 Boys                                  9th

COVID**                                    No MSA Cup or Nationals

COVID**                                    No MSA Cup or Nationals

U15 Boys                                   4th
U15 Girls                                   6th
U17 Boys                                   5th 

U15 Boys                                   4th
U15 Girls                                   7th
U17 Boys                                   5th

U15 Boys                                   3rd - Bronze Medal
U17 Girls                                    4th
U17 Boys                                   1st - Gold National Champions

U14 Boys                                    3rd - Bronze Medal
U14 Girls                             5th
U16 Boys                                    2nd - Silver Medal
U18 Boys                                    4th

individual success

MSA Award Winners




Joshua Marius - Male Player of the Year
Erin Stewart - Female Player of the Year
BVSC U15 Girls - Team of the Year

AJ Calado - Male Player of the Year
Nicole Davis - Female Player of the Year
BVSC U15 Girls - Team of the Year

Damien Troung - Male Player of the Year
BVSC U17 Boys - Team of the Year

MAle college/Uni recruits

University of St. Boniface

Sami Atoui

Imani Bujiriri

Irvin Bakhtari

University of New Brunswick

Jake Martin

Evan Barker

University of Brandon

Rinor Hoxa

Anthony Ryder

Lakeland University

Jared Lazarus

Lindon Hoxa

Gavin Quinlan

Carlos Silva

Jack Money

McMasters University

Randil Vithanage

Manny Kwilu-Kama

Leonardo Takahashi

University of Saskatchewan

Connor Batiuk

University of Cape Breton

Caelen Budhoo

Canadian Mennonite University

Ryan Jensen

Yeri Concepcion

Daniel Mcintyre Ridd

Will Anderson

St. Thomas University, Fredericton New Brunswick 

Jason Scott

Oliver Altemeyer

Ontario Tech University

Kenan Hukic

Carleton University

Victory Aregbesola

Ibra Dosso

Laurentian University

Sylvain Carriere

Trenten Kumhyr

Nipissing University

Joshua Biswanger

British Columbia University

Harvey Holland

SOKA University

Luca Aiello

Algoma University

Ini Owolabi

Elliot Swenarchuk

female college/UNi recruits

University of Manitoba

Janelle Chomini

Nicole Davis

Brittney Blundefeld

Shalyn Dyck

Jessica Tsai

Rebecca Wilson

Iris Bjornson

Ava Memka

Bella Tascona

Sydney Nachtigall

Lily Francis

University of Winnipeg

Syd Butler

Taryn Raabe

Sophie Fonseca

Rachel Bridle

Chantal Boulet

Grace Klassen

Silvana Scaramuzzi

Rae Moist

Layla Little

Chiara Distasio

University of St. Boniface

Daneige Edey

Katie Minot

Cassie Nazeravich

Angel Pionela

Abbey Mackenzie

Melanie Chaput

Samantha Bishop

Mikyla Bennett

Olivia Carreiro

University of Regina

Jess Chow

Peyton Enns

Riley Arnold

Cassidy Fedoruk

University of Calgary

Mia Fonseca

Calgary Foothills

Sydney Duqette

University of New Brunswick

Miguella Laninga

Susie Moreira 

Trinity Western

Jaxi Woo

Sierra Haaldorson

Jenna Neuman

Erin Stewart

Elana Kressock

Lauren Chabot

University of Victoria

Reese Peacock

University of Texa El Paso

Jojo Ngongo

Oklahoma State University

Kaitlyn Morphy

Canadian Mennonite University

Ezri Trump

Nipissing University, Ontario

Paris Grosselle

University of Tulsa

Jazmiera Ditter

University of Carlton

Samantha Balcaen