Our Club

Bonivital Soccer Club is one of the largest soccer clubs in the City of Winnipeg. The Club, formerly known as the St. Boniface-St. Vital Soccer Association, was formed in the 1980's, to provide multi-level participation and development to the youth of the south-east communities of Winnipeg.


The Canadian Soccer Association considers the Club one of the most successful soccer clubs in Canada. As of 2008, Bonivital is the number four ranked Club nationally. Rankings are achieved by the number of appearances at the annual National Club Championships and the results achieved during competition. The Bonivital Soccer Club has medaled Gold (1991 & 2017); Silver (2006 & 2007) and Bronze (2008) in past Club championships. We strive to create players on and off the field. 


Within our Club structure, programs offered encompass Premier, Developmental, Futsal, All Abilities, Recreational, and Mini's. We look to provide our players with opportunities to give back to the community through club wide initiatives, and team building activities.


For details on all of the programming offered at the Bonivital Soccer Club, please take the time to browse our website.

Land Acknowledgement

Bonivital Soccer Club acknowledges the work we do to support a thriving amateur sport community that takes place on the traditional lands and waterways of the Anishinaabeg, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples as well as the homeland of the Metis Nation. We respect the treaties made here and are grateful to work, live, and play on this land. 

Bonivital Soccer Club's Mission

"Igniting excellence on and off the field, Bonivital Soccer Club is an inclusive and player-centered organization, fostering participation and empowering all ages, genders, and abilities to thrive and succeed."

Bonivital Soccer Club's Vision

"Elevating soccer programming and opportunities in Manitoba through inclusivity, support, and boundless progress."

Bonivital Soccer Club's Values

Respect: Honoring people, rules, and self with solid reverence.

Inclusion: Embracing all, fostering a safe and welcoming community. 

Excellence: Striving for greatness, both on and off the field.

Accountability: Embracing responsibility and owning our actions.