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What is Developmental Soccer?

Developmental Soccer is a level of soccer that exposes players from the ages of 9 – 12 to an environment that focuses on skill development, game sense, and individual and team achievement.


Developmental soccer is not simply for players who demonstrate a high level of skill or talent.  It is intended for those players who have a passion for the game, are committed to practicing, and want to play in an environment that fosters skill development and achievement, rather than simply winning.  


How do I get on a Developmental team?

In order to be placed on a Developmental team, potential players must attend an evaluation. Evaluations are held in January.

During the tryouts players are assessed and placed on a team based on their abilities and skill level. BVSC balances their developmental teams we do not have A, B, C, etc. level teams at these ages.

There are times that players are encouraged to play recreational and/or attend academy sessions in order to better prepare themselves for playing at the developmental level, this is intended to see the player be successful in their developmental process.


I don’t live in the BVSC District, can I still register to try out and/or play?

Yes, Manitoba Soccer and Winnipeg Youth Soccer League have removed the District Boundaries early 2020. This means players are free to play with the Club of their choice


What facilities do we play at?


Various outdoor Locations – Click HERE for full listing


WSF North
WSF South
University of Winnipeg


What is the time commitment for Developmental Soccer?

Minimum 2 practices a week, with one game per week



What is the cost to play Developmental soccer?

What does the one season schedule like?