Bonivital club coaches

We take pride in having some of the best coaches in the province here at Bonivital. We look to provide opportunities for our coaches to grow on and off the field, and grow their experience and certifications. Our coaches have a huge impact on our club and players, and are so important for the clubs success!

Here's a look at all the current coaches at the club, and their certifications C License or higher. All other coaches have a youth certification:

B License:

Werner Mueller

Jason Moist

Jeff Seney

Tony Fonseca

Greg Nordman

C License:

Xxavier Barra

Kris Nordman

Steven Gzebb

Scott Benning

Nikki Palmer

Mike Guzzi

Ben Akoh

Olivier Tonka

Darryl Thorvaldson

German Ciro

Faith Jasper

Ryan Cammaert

Darrell Boyko

John Hall

Jeremy Guenette

Kelly Pearce