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Fabio Capone - Technical Director - Female Programs



Fabio Capone

Technical Director - Female Programs



When getting to know Fabio, there are really only three things you need to understand about him: he cannot get enough of his family, friends and Soccer!  As a National B and Canadian Children’s licensed trained coach, Fabio has coached all levels and all ages. He is currently working with the Bonivital Club as the Female Technical Director and coach for the Woman’s Regional Excel Centre.

Prior to working at Bonivital, Fabio worked as the Technical Director for St.Charles, owned and operated his own Indoor Soccer Facility and worked for Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association. All of these experiences further stamped out his main focus of trying to identify opportunities to create the best environments possible for both players and coaches to develop.

Born and raised in Winnipeg from parents of Italian descent, Fabio had no choice but to become comfortable in large active settings. He believes this is what helped equip him with his ability to find the simplicity within the complexity and his love for inspiring people.  It is here where he discovered the power of culture and the importance of teams.

Fabio is a graduate of the University of Manitoba where he majored in Economics and played for the university’s indoor soccer team.

Fabio is well known in the soccer community…playing locally since the age of 9 and winning the Canadian Men’s National Cup in 2009 (player). Those are a few things he takes pride in, but he still claims that one of his biggest soccer moments was being selected as Head Coach of the 2015 (Male U14) Canadian All-Star Game, playing against Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich/Canadian National Team Player) in a 4-1 victory.

Volunteering for countless youth run sport programs, Fabio realises the importance that sports play in children’s lives. Giving back to his community is at the forefront of what he believes in.

“Winnipeg is where I was born and where I want to raise my family. I am rooted here.”


“Athletics are really the foundation of how kid’s attitudes are formed and shaped. And that has to work with the Coach and the parents” – Herm Edwards



 September 2020 


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