2021 Outdoor Information


  • Now that WYSA has cancelled the indoor season, what is the plan for remaining training?

    • Depending on when the restrictions are lifted in the province to allow sport to return, we will look to provide programming. Depending when this is, it’ll either be indoor training or outdoor training (weather dependent as well). We have plans in place for both, and will release those plans once we have future opening dates. We have space at facilities ready to go for tryouts once given the green light by the province.

  • What is happening with tryouts this year?

    • We’d normally be getting our tryouts up and running right about now, but due to the pandemic and restrictions, we’re unable to run them. Once restrictions are lifted and allowing sport to return, we will release information on tryouts. We have space at facilities ready to go for tryouts once given the green light by the province.

  • What are the plans for the outdoor season?

    • At this point in time, we don’t have enough information of what type of outdoor season will be run due to the pandemic. We are working with WYSA on these steps, and awaiting restrictions to be lifted to see potential start dates.

  • Who are the coaches for the outdoor season?

    • Bonivital Technical Staff have already begun the process of selecting/interviewing coaches for the outdoor teams. That’s including both Developmental and Premier boys and girls teams. To review our coaching requirements please visit our website

  • How will teams be chosen?

    • Teams will still be chosen through our regular tryout process. Families and players will register for tryouts, and we will make team selections from those. Bonivital Technical staff and coaches will complete the player evaluations to select the teams.

  • Is there a specific Boys and Girls Technical staff member?

    • In years past, we’ve had two full time technical staff members, and each would focus on one side of the club. This year we will have one full time technical staff focusing on both boys and girls, and an assistant technical staff assisting where needed.

  • What type of academies/ extra sessions will be available through the club?

    • We have planned academies for both boys and girls, and both developmental teams, and premier teams. These academies will take place during the week Monday through Friday. We will be able to finalize scheduling, once there’s a season plan presented and released by WYSA.

  • Will we be travelling this year?

    • In years past, we always recommended that teams try to travel to at least one out of tournament to gain experience and create team bonding. Given the pandemic and the current restrictions, we will not be expecting teams to travel. Depending on restrictions later on in the season, that may be an option, but is certainly not a requirement.

  • Will the pandemic have an impact on registration costs?

    • Bonvital has done it’s best to cut as many costs as possible, and has been run by volunteers for the most part since the pandemic. Being able to do this, along with applying for grants will allow us to keep our registrations costs very similar to past years. Final registrations fees will be released once a season date can be announced.