Bonivital Soccer 2020 Revised Outdoor Program Fees

Bonivital Soccer today has announced the final Program Fees for the 2020 (revised) Outdoor season. Outdoor fees for the Bonivital Soccer Club Premier / Developmental program are designed to recover the expenses incurred for operating your Club, including association fees (CSA/MSA), league fees (WYSA), insurance costs, administrative and technical staff costs, along with facilities and equipment necessary for facilitating practices and league play for all teams.

A revised final fee schedule for the 2020 outdoor season is available below, which reflects adjustments in costs for CSA/MSA registration (40% reduction) and WYSA League fees (30% reduction), and revisions to fees incurred directly by Bonivital Soccer for supporting training, equipment, fields etc.

Many families registered with Bonivital Soccer prior to the Covid-19 shutdown. Those families will receive a refund for the difference between the pre-Covid fees and the Return to Play adjusted fees announced today. Families that have registered subsequent to the Return-To-Participate plan and have made a $300.00 deposit towards the fees for their children while Bonivital Soccer assessed the final fee structure will be responsible for submitting the balance due for their child PRIOR to Sunday, July 12, 2020. The balances due are included in the final fee schedule listed below.

Revised fees for the 2020 outdoor season have been adjusted for the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. These new outdoor fees, which will apply to all registered players for the modified outdoor season implemented under the Return-to-Participate protocols are shown below.


U9/10 DL - $400.00

U11/12 DL - $440.00

U13 - U17 PR - $490.00

Registration Information

**Only players that received an email Invitation to Register can register at Bonivital Soccer for the upcoming season. Please reference that email to access the link to the Goalline Registration System.**

Due to the shortened outdoor season, Manitoba Soccer and WYSA have prorated their fees – therefore Bonivital Soccer will be prorating our registration fees. Our registration fee deposit for all age groups will be $300.00, with the balance due once the WYSA fees have been determined.

Return to Participate Waiver

All parents registering their child to play soccer in Manitoba must sign the MSA Waiver Release form before they can register to play soccer in Manitoba. This liability waiver has been provided to us by the MSA. All participants that have previously registered with Bonivital Soccer for the outdoor 2020 season must sign and present the completed waiver prior to their first on-field training session. These must be turned in to the team coach or manager. The waiver can be found HERE

Those parents registering online will complete a digital acknowledgement of the waiver prior to being allowed to proceed with their child's registration.

The Manitoba Soccer Waiver Release form can be viewed and downloaded HERE

Respect in Sport Parent Program

As a reminder to all parents registering a child at Bonivital Soccer - new in 2020, Bonivital Soccer requires every "registering" parent or guardian to have a valid Respect in Sport Parent certification number. The online course takes less than an hour to complete, and can be found at Respect in Sport Parent Certification Program.

Thank you, we look forward to another great season at Bonivital Soccer!